Milan Salák: Fragments

The quality of the artistic gesture frequently equals the visual deviation from the current standard of depiction. The standard of depiction of anything…As anything is always something.

After roughly three years of working “beyond the right angle” my storage space is now filled with approximately eighty abstract paintings. Each painting differs in its shape and surface, but as a group can be described as “grey fragments of shapes”. I would be lying if I argued that I have put all my energy into painting them, however, and maybe because of my ambivalent position I have been forced to answer my own question; wouldn’t less paintings or maybe just one be enough for the presentation of this visual information…?

Leaving out pathetic answers referring to the need to “confirm” the legitimacy of the previous gesture through its verification….And when I exclude the hypothetical aspect of a possible financial benefit….And when I omit the fact that we speak also about nothing… And when I won’t take advantage of my right to testify… I must say that I don know (although I perceive my work as intellectual).

Repeating actions connected with the development of every fragment is a fascinating feeling filled with freedom, like a rifleman aiming at the fog above a lake. Maybe it is this feeling of an open space that I perceive these painting as landscapes. Later, when I mix my colors I think about lakes, forests and mountains, and I don’t care about the weather outside.

Milan Salák

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Vernisáž / Opening: 20. 1. 2010, 18:00

Výstava proběhne / Exhibition dates: 21. 1. – 14. 2. 2010

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